How it happened

TiichME started from the idea that anyone should be able to learn or teach online, and that modern technology could help make education accessible and easy.We realised there was no technology that was ideal for the personalised learning experience. Started by educational experts and tutors who had faced the same issues, we have been working hard to create a solution.TiichME Now provides a virtual classroom for teachers and students looking to enrich their academic experience. With our interactive tools and resources, all you have to do is create your profile and connect with the tutor of your choice. We’ll take care of the rest.TiichME Now puts virtual education at the heart of everything we do, making learning and teaching both simple and convenient. We are changing the way that students, parents, and teachers think about education. Acquiring knowledge is a journey that goes beyond the walls of the classroom.We appreciate all feedback or ideas that you may have, drop us a line at

Mission: is a website dedicated to the growth of human potential and the use of leisure time to transmit knowledge acquired by experience, education or curiosity. is a website where teachers can find students interested in their subjects and earn extra income; while for students will be a place to find custom classes at prices that fit their budget. In this way students and teachers seize the most of their free time in an orderly, easy access and safe way.


We want to be the leader website in education P2P giving all the tools for teachers and students, to be able to make the most of their free time, both to learn and to teach. We want to be able to provide high quality digital tools (digital schedules, tutorial tools, webcam boards, online payments, etc.) and physical tools (study rooms, projectors, boards, etc) if they are required either by students or teachers, to thereby give a comprehensive service in order to become the first choice in terms of education P2P.

TiichME is a place to TEACH, LEARN and EARN.

  • Exploring options and alternatives
  • Gathering, recording, organising and evaluating information